Podcast Winterfell

Podcast Winterfell was founded in 2009 by Matt Murdick.
Spawned from Matt’s love for the story and early discussions of the TV show on The Film List, Podcast Winterfell grew to become one of the preeminent A Song Of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones fan sources on the web.

After 311 episodes Matt handed the podcast off to The DVR Podcast Network so he could devote his full attention to his music career.

Having hosted the Podcast Winterfell spin-off The Small Council (Previously called Podcast Littlefell) for a season as well as being past regular contributors to the show as well as The Film Lis;, Axel, Heath, Donald, Mike, Timm and Tracee were the natural inheritors of Winterfell.

Podcast Winterfell remains active during the TV off season but will spring to full action with 3 weekly shows when Game of Thrones returns in July 2017.

Sundays Heath and Axel will host The Podcast Winterfell Initial Reaction Podcast, giving fans an immediate break down after the show has aired.

Monday night DJ Timm Hines will host The Fan Call In show on Talkshoe, giving show and Podcast fans an opportunity to call in live and chat about the show.

Later in the week Donald, Mike and Tracee will host a more considered Rewatch Podcast to delve deeper into the episode.

Visit PodcastWinterfell.com for a complete archive of the podcast.