DJDVR014 – Hello to 2018!

DJ returns after a winter break, and talks a few movies, couple docs, and some shows. But mainly it’s DJ saying Hello and checking in with all the good fans of the pod!



One Reply to “ DJDVR014 – Hello to 2018!”

  1. Hey Timm , great to have you back . We are having a heatwave in Australia so remember that next time it snows lol. Happy Birthday , I had my birthday too , on the 15th of January.
    I can’t wait for your album , that’s dope , lol, I’ve never said that before. Going to check out the toys show , love those sorts of shows. I’ll check out everything you mentioned if they are on Netflix but we don’t get everything you get. I loved Dunkirk , great movie. Good to have a war movie without a huge soundtrack. By the way your podcast is never boring. We don’t get Agents Of Shield here which sucks.
    Keep the great eps coming.

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