Is Damon Replaying S6 of LOST with S3 of The Leftovers?

Many people complained after Lost S6 that we had been fooled (I disagree, I loved it, but that’s another post) Are we headed for a replay with The Leftovers?


I’ll make this quick because A Dash disagrees with me… and please forgive my cell phone shot screen grabs…

My main point is that Kevin Sr. seemingly wakes up in a different place after taking the prescription drugs.

When he first wakes up after being found in the desert there are a bunch of young people building a boat near a little church (Grace’s Kids?)

Then he goes back and finds the photo book that has pictures of the family and the little church.

Kevin then takes a bunch of pills and then wakes up and into last week’s ending scene but it’s totally different; no church, a small pond and no boat. Grace also later says she’s alone.

Is this LOST season 6 all over again? Is Kevin Sr. In the sideways? Is this place or the place with boat and the kids the “real” world? Does the Hotel that Kevin Jr visits in one of these places?

I probably missed something, let us know your ideas in the comments below!

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