Jinx Lierre Interview Part 3 – The Deuce Rethread

This is part 3 of a 3 part interview with sex worker and advocate Jinx Lierre about representation of sex workers on The Deuce. In this episode we discuss why watching the show was a tough decision for Jinx, the unrecognized benefits that sex workers bring to society, and the power of the language we use to talk about sex workers. For more information, check out the links in previous show notes, or any of these organizations that support sex workers:
St. James Infirmary: peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers and their families in San Francisco
Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee: Indian collective of 65,000+ sex workers
Free Speech Coalition: represents the adult industry in legal processes & public advocacy
Women With a Vision: New Orleans-based harm reduction collective led by women of color
Casa Ruby: bilingual multicultural organization in D.C. providing support for low-income trans, gender non-conforming, and LGB community members
Sylvia Rivera Law Project: supports political voices and visibility of low-income folks and people of color who are trans, intersex, or gender non-conforming 
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2 Replies to “Jinx Lierre Interview Part 3 – The Deuce Rethread”

  1. I was willing to go along with us right up until “Sex workers hold marriages together.” Right. I wonder why civilian women don’t like you guys.

    1. Well, we realize there would be some disagreement about this topic but that’s why we did the episode. We appreciate the time you took to listen and comment.

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