PW 349 Call In S7 Review and S8 Predictions

DJ Timm Hines welcomes Susan, Matt, Roberto of A Pod Of Casts and Axel. They talk about the best and worst of S7 and what they think S8 may bring.

We had an audio hiccup and the last 5 or so minutes had to be spliced from the Talkshoe Clown feed.



2 Replies to “PW 349 Call In S7 Review and S8 Predictions”

  1. An excellent podcast!
    One comment re season 8, lots of fans have been commenting that Theon is irrelevant for the story. I think Theon’s journey has been preparing him for a role in the war against the dead, just as Danerys’ s jourmey prepared her to be a dragon rider.
    The world has dire wolves, giants and dragons, so why wouldn’t krakens be real in this fictional world?
    What’s the training needed to be tough enough to ride a kraken?

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